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Pool Live Tour is a game where players can compete at pool both online against other players or offline against the computer in practice games.

To participate in the online games, players need Pool Coins: if you win you'll also win your opponent's, and if you get beaten you'll lose everything. Thus only the best players can keep playing.

The Pool Live Tour control system is one of the most intuitive control systems that you can find for touchscreens. Players slide their fingers carefully across the screen to calculate both the direction and the power of the ball. To hit the ball, just remove your finger.

With the Pool Coins you win from other players, you can also buy new pool cues, from simple ones made of wood to pool sticks with colors, outlandish shapes, and even national flags.

Pool Live Tour is a highly entertaining game with intuitive game mechanics, and a great way to enjoy pool both on- and offline.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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